Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have recently been thinking about how I am going to fit another kid in our household. We live in a three bedroom home, and I currently have my two daughters ages 6 and 3 sharing a bedroom. The other bedroom is a playroom. I like this idea and it has proven to work well for us. Now with a third child on the way, the playroom must become a nursery. Here is my dilemma, my children have so many toys. I love that there bedroom is simple, neat and tidy. I only have there beds and a nightstand in there. I mean it is decorated, but it is clean and simple. The playroom houses all of there toys. When I saw this picture I was amazed how so many toys could fit and actually work in the bedroom. I don't know if I will take this approach as apposed to figuring out how to merge the nursery and playroom together, but it was refreshing to see.

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